Holiday Rambler

Before the Dove, There Come a Tiger

A conceptual prelude to Holiday Rambler's forthcoming LP of magical birdsong.
Recorded by Ian Gomes in a silo in Janetville, Ontario, Sunday 19 May, 2013

7" Phonograph Record from Deceitful Ear Recordings

$10 post-paid to any living person.

Please call for delivery.


It Lasted a Hundred Years, It Will Last a Hundred More

A very handsomely-packaged artifact from Arachnidiscs Recordings.
Obverse by Chik White of Divorce Records and the film Lowlife.
Includes instructions for enjoyment and single-use immolation device.

Limited Edition of 50
Now living in 50 different homes

Announcing a limited cassette by Holiday Rambler for Arachnidisc Recordings


There Is No End to the World, and Nothing Can Shatter the Earth

12” Phonograph Recording of Twelve Selections.
$20 post-paid to most reasonable places.

Please call for delivery.

Deceitful Ear Recordings presents an album by Holiday Rambler.