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"Dangerous goods in limited quantities"

Holiday Rambler at All Toronto’s Parties

Holiday Rambler will appear to sing Goddamn and other selections
on the auspicious occasion of All Toronto’s Parties

The Garrison
1197 Dundas Street West
22 November, 2013 9pm

More information and myriad subtle pleasures can always be had.


Quality Co. is very pleased to offer the first recordings from LILMAN.

Songs recorded calmly in a burning building come to you on an unusually handsome cassette tape including a Divining Card for intimate enjoyment.

An edition of very few.
A variety of Divining Cards appear.

A very handsomely packaged artifact from Arachnidiscs Recordings.
Obverse by Chik White of Divorce Records and the film Lowlife.
Includes instructions for enjoyment and single-use immolation device.

Limited Edition of 50
Now living in 50 different homes

Announcing a limited cassette by Holiday Rambler
for Arachnidisc Recordings, available April 2013.

Visit arachnidiscs.wordpress.com

Passive Collection Volume 3

“We welcome you to this instalment of the Passive Collective. The salt is sweeter, the birds are heavier, and our aim is clear. Divination was utilized in the selection of what you are about to address yourself to, and the edges of this volume have been trimmed in such a way as to make them particularly sharp. Please exercise wisdom.”

Featuring useful excisions for orientation of the blind.


Click on the above phrase to read a conversation-interview between Holiday Rambler and Lendl Barcelos.

1 year ago

Yes of course it is true.

Wherein a long-standing debt is laid finally to rest.

12” Phonograph Recording of Twelve Selections.$20 post-paid to most reasonable places.Please call for delivery. 

12” Phonograph Recording of Twelve Selections.
$20 post-paid to most reasonable places.
Please call for delivery.